About Us

Development and operation principle of Juli Company
Our factory was founded in 2000, at that time cooperated with many import and export enterprises in China, had been played an important design and production partners behind the scenes .
Our company stablished in 2004 and get import and export rights, with many years of production experience to provide high quality and reliable products, quickly gain market recognition,the products series include iron wire, razor wire, common barbed wire, welded wire mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, screens and other products.
We attach importance to business reputation, adhere to the focus on customer benefits. Product variety increases, not only from the customer order requirements, but also in the long term accumulation of experience to meet the market demand for results.
Adhere to the people-centred philosophy, long-term deep in this commitment, thus creating Five Star company's achievements.
Company success comes from customer's trust
Respects customers ' views continuous improvement of products. Increase productivity at the same time strict production process, in 2008 get the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, in many cases with the customer to third parties such as SGS inspection bodies for the quality inspection of the goods recognized by the customer.
Company products scope
razor wire
rural products
building material
wire products
wire mesh
Company Certificate
Product design concept in the pursuit of quality
We focused on design with performance, durability, technics, beauty products, with durable at the same time also reduce the cost of late for the end user input.
Multilateral cooperation, leading innovation
With many raw material suppliers have a long-term strategic partnership, together research pursuing product innovation. The ultimate aim of cooperation is to produce quality products for the customer. By working together company to take effective advantage of raw material quality and shorten the delivery cycle.
Privity cooperation with the customer
Juli company is keen on perfection of production equipment and improving, attention to the customer every piece of feedback, so we work with customers is full of enthusiasm. This is what we encourage customers to offer their suggestions and willingness to understand the reasons for their views. Now global businesses generally believe that "made in China" is cheap inferior products, but as a Chinese company, we firmly believe that through the rigorous demand for ourself,we will ultimately depend on the quality of our products won the best reputation in the world.

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